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Concept: Love Wave

The idea here is taking ones voice speaking "I love you" and converting it into a tangible thing. The tangible thing in this case works as a bespoke necklace pendent. Everyone speaks differently and therefor every Love Wave pendent would be custom made for its owner's voice via on-demand manufacturing ala 3D printing. Thoughts? This needs a web app developed for it so customers can say the words and instantly see the 3D representation of it... any volunteers?


air handle

For the new macbook airs: just the handle, no case.  

Had this idea since I saw the wedge design of the new macbook airs.  I'm planning on prototyping a few in wood soon.  But i have no plans on getting an Air, so if you're in the Baltimore to Frederick, MD area and have one, how bout beta testing and you get to keep the prototype for free?