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New bendy prints

Just recieved a part in Shapeway's new elasto plastic. This is going to be a helpful addition to the arsenal of materials available for 3D printed products and protos.


creative juice mixed with a little nutmeg and peppermint

This is the bow of the future, designed for 3D printing. Any present would be honored to have this upon it; it's like a present for your present.

Let me know what you think, I have a couple different versions I'm playing with still. But this design is available in the 3 cheery colors below at Shapeways and could be under your tree this year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



Wraps for the new iPads are out

I've updated my Tree and Cubed Wrap designs for the newest iPad. I have some new patterns in the works so be on the look out for them. More info and pictures of the wraps are here. Enjoy!


building blocks

I've done a bit of re-engineering to my Building Block and have been able to lower the cost! I've taken some new photos of it as well. These are custom keepsakes to mark the birth of a child. See the product page for more information.