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custom wraps for your iPad

Just wanted to show off some of the custom iPad wraps I've been creating for customers.

You can add a logo or your name to an existing pattern I've created (Cubed, Grid, or Hexastar), like this wrap created for Dassault (creators of SolidWorks, the software I use to create these 3D models). I took the Dassult 3DS logo and superimposed it on top of my Cubed pattern.


Or throw your own logo on the Grid pattern like designer Jeffery Mathias did.


Another option is to come up with your own original design like Mitch's awesome weave pattern.


Here are detailed steps for a getting your own custom iPad wrap...

  • download the template
  • design your custom pattern following guidelines stated on the template.
  • submit your design to me via email by contacting me here. I use Illustrator CS5 in my workflow, so just sending me a .ai file is great; otherwise a .pdf or .dwg file will be fine
  • I'll get back to you if there are any changes I need to make to your pattern to make it printable (within 1-2 business days)
  • once the design is finalized I'll need 1-2 days to model the custom wrap, upload it to, & send you a private link to purchase the model thru Shapeways. 
  • Shapeways will print your custom wrap & ship it to you directly. Their lead time is 10 business days & sometime quicker if you're in the US.

 Some other things to note is the price range. We won't know your final price until I upload it to Shapeways, but to avoid surprises here is the range from empty to full. Empty means if your design was completely empty w/ nothing in the pattern area at all. Full means if your design was a completely solid back with no holes at all. Finish choice makes a difference too: plain white or dyed.


  • white: $20
  • dyed: $22


  • white: $44
  • dyed: $53

 Obviously your custom wrap will fall somewhere in the middle of these ranges depending on material use. I can suggest ways of lowering the cost after I see the design. 

Please consider this carefully and insure you want a custom wrap. You don't have to pay until after I put the work into modeling your custom pattern so I like my customer's to be well informed before pursuing a custom wrap.

If this sounds awesome to you then get started on your own custom pattern for the iPad Wrap & send it to me. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Any other questions feel free to ask!

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