support the bees with honey rings

The Honey Ring is inpired by meticulously constructed honeycombs, which are the product of honey bees' hard work. Sadly honey bee colonies have been rapidly dying due to a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder. So now, the Honey Ring is giving back to the honey bees.



New pattern: Cubed

A new pattern for my iPad 2 Wrap is available now. The grid was looking too flat so an additional dimension was pumped into it for a bit of depth.

Available at my 3D print shop.


customize... now

On demand manufacturing means that custom is cheap. I've created a template you can download and draw your own pattern to adorn your iPad 2 wrap. Contact me here to let me know you're interested in a custom pattern and download the template here. Or if you only have the idea and not the resources to draw up the pattern yourself let me know and we'll see what I can do for you.

Download Template

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iPad 2 wrap is ready


Well I finally got around to designing a wrap for the iPad 2. I was happy to nail the fit after only a couple iterations (you can hear the tight snap fit in the video). The corner details are more precise and less visible from the front then the iPad 1 wraps were. This allows for Apple's Smart Cover to work flawlessly with the wrap. It attaches, closes, and props the iPad up the same as without the wrap on. This was important to me because I love the Smart cover and I think the wrap is a perfect compliment to it; it protects the back and corners from scratching and dirt while the Smart Cover protects the front. More details on the product page.
I'll be developing different patterns over the coming weeks/months, but right now I have two available.
iPad 2 Wrap: Grid (starting at $25)
iPad 2 Wrap: Hexastar (starting at $30)



Hexastar (more hexastar photos coming soon)


honey ring: stainless steel

Finally got around to ordering this from Shapeways and I'm super pleased. The Honey Ring came out great in unfinished stainless steel. It's available here in your specific ring size for less then $10. More material tests should be arriving soon. For more images & details go to the product page.