building blocks

I've done a bit of re-engineering to my Building Block and have been able to lower the cost! I've taken some new photos of it as well. These are custom keepsakes to mark the birth of a child. See the product page for more information.


cupo 3 in ceramic

Months ago I designed and rendered this cup. Last night I enjoyed a shot of espresso my Cupo 3. It's 3D printed in a clay powder w/ a binder (glue) holding it in place, then fired & glazed & fired again. I'm thrilled with the quality and strength of the material now offered by Shapeways. Cupo 3 is available for purchase here. See more pictures after the jump.

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been working on a new business card design...



custom wraps for your iPad

Just wanted to show off some of the custom iPad wraps I've been creating for customers.

You can add a logo or your name to an existing pattern I've created (Cubed, Grid, or Hexastar), like this wrap created for Dassault (creators of SolidWorks- the software I use to create these 3D models). I took the Dassult 3DS logo and superimposed it on top of my Cubed pattern.


Or throw your own logo on the Grid pattern like designer Jeffery Mathias did.


Another option is to come up with your own original design like Mitch's awesome weave pattern.


Here are detailed steps for a getting your own custom iPad 2 wrap...

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honey ring in new materials

The Honey Ring in a golden honey finish, as well as a smooth and shiny sterling silver, & a classical bronze. These rings are manufactured on demand so you can choose your own custom size and finish. Other finishes available are stainless steel and dyed nylon in a variety of colors. If you manage to make up your mind Order here.