some level One protection for your iPad

So I thought I'd have a go at creating a 3D printable protective case for my future iPad.  Its not here yet (shipping by may 7th), so I've modeled this case based on a very accurate 3D iPad model created by @MikePuckett found at 3D Content Central.


My design intentions were to provide protection for the surfaces while not interfering with the users personal interaction with the iPad.  Also giving the iPad a completely flat back surface to increase stability when its laying down.  I also intend to use the Apple Dock for the iPad and many of the cases I've seen so far would inhibit the use of the dock without removing case.


I have more ideas, features, and design details I plan to implement and test, such as an integrated kickstand and maybe more customization offerings to really take advantage of this great tool that 3D printing is.


If you're one of the fortunate people to have an iPad already, feel free to be a beta tester and print this case out.  Shapeways will print and ship (global) this thing to you for the cool beta price of $33.66.  Find it here.  Your feedback would be awesome - speak - and we shall iterate (yay 3D printing).


3D-printed chains

3d prints - chain tests from Jeff Bare on Vimeo.

2 proof of concepts here.  The square pattern came completely loose - each link was floating.  This created a bit of a problem because it allowed the links to get all jumbled up together.  The elliptical pattern came fully fused together.  While at first i was afraid it would be unusable, i found that each link could be snapped free without much effort and no deformation of the links.  This could be advantageous for shipping a chain fused to keep jumblelation from occurring.


testing 3d prints

I'm very happy with the strength of the 3D printed parts.  They flex and stretch but do not deform.  I don't plan on anymore tweaks on this design.  Web-clips are good to go.


freshly printed web-clips

3D printed and currently holding papers together in organized categories.  I was very happy with the material and build quality of these.  In fact, happy enough to make them available for sale, here at my 3D print store.


caterpillars attack

this is from last season.  hopefully they won't be back.

I'm going to start posting more projects of mine.  Gardening is a growing interest of mine.  Video is as well.  So I plan to post some of my past video projects and new ones as they come along.  I'm untrained and just experimenting so comments/questions/critiques are welcomed.