bird nest

The next pattern to be adorned on the back of iPads is called bird nest.

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3d prints wrapped around my iPad

The backside of my iPad just got a little more interesting.

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new pattern on my iPad wrap

i love playing with patterns & need to do it more.  This one will be on the back of my iPad shortly, Shapeways is printing it now.  Its here!  But if you think you can do one better - draw your own


1st level One iPad case received

So its here, quality is great- thanks Shapeways.  Its flexible while off the iPad, but not fragile in any way.  I was hoping the 'arms' going out to capture each corner would have to flex/stretch to make a tight fit. I nearly achieved this on the 1st run

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canvas wrap

This is a wrap for your iPad which will give some protection on the corners and surfaces, but the real feature is what it doesn't give you.

The back is left as a blank 'canvas' for your own design.  The process starts at my Shapeways Shop.  Sketch out what you want either by hand or on the computer on this template.  Then get it back to me either by scanning, taking a photo, or saving it as a pdf or dwg and upload it to me here.  Shapeways will guide you thru.  I'll then flip it into 3D and shapeways will print it out.

There are all kinds of possibilities out there, here are two I came up with.  Sketch on the back of your iPad instead of the front.