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Strong Arm Hook

Sometimes you can sketch, 3D model, render, and order a 3D print of a design in about 2 hours and be completely happy with the results. This is how the Strong Arm Hook came into existence. Printed in the orange strong and flexible polished and the metallic plastic polished from Shapeways

I tested the weight capacity of the hooks with a leather belt wrapped around skinny 6 year old boy. Apparently I need to feed that boy more cheeseburgers and less greens from the garden because the hook hardly took notice it was holding anything.

I then stepped up the weight gradually till I arrived at 75 lbs. Both materials held the weight, but I was suspicious of the alumide (polished metallic plastic) and gave the belt a wee bit of additional weight and SNAP - that strong arm hook is strong no more. I already had an issue with the alumide hook- the back wall was a little warped, so I didn't take its destruction too badly.

I did really like the surface finish of the polished alumide, so I think I'll adjust the model to prevent wall warpage and add the material as an option to buy in the near future. For now, get all your hook needs fulfilled in 7 bright colors plus black and white from Shapeways for $8.

Strong Arm Hook




A-Frame in Use


A-Frame, an outdoor fireplace

I saw something similar to this on vacation this summer and sketched up my own version. I had it fabricated recently and am very happy with how it turned out. This is a 3 foot tall, heavy 11ga version for my deck, but I have another version that I'm developing, which would be much more friendly on the delivery man's back. I'm wondering if there would be interest for this in the market... maybe dip my designer toe into the crowd-funding pool?

I plan to finish this version w/ a high heat Rustoleum black paint and see how that holds up. Anybody have any experience with that?